[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”948″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Fostering animals is an essential part of this organization. Once foster caregivers are accepted, they may foster animals into their homes. We will provide foster caregivers with information on our expectations of care and our number for emergencies. We will see our foster animals every weekend and be in contact with foster caregivers on a continuing basis.

In general, foster care providers will use their own resources for the daily care of their foster animal (e.g., buy food, bowls, a bed, leash, collar, and toys) but we are available to offer them a minimum fee to help them pay for the expanses for each animal in their care. We will provide veterinary care for the foster animals, as long as the foster caregiver uses our approved veterinarians and contacts us before hand.

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Why foster an animal? AbbracciamiAdottami does not yet have a physical location, and therefore fostering animals in an essential part of our organization. Foster homes provide a safe and loving temporary home until the animal is placed in the permanent adoptive home. Foster caregivers take care of the animal, live with the animal and know the animal’s personality.

Fostering is very rewarding. Foster Caregivers directly impact the life an animal. You see the animal change: it becomes happy, wags its tail , purrs, and learns to relax in your safe home environment. You help change its life for the better.

How do I provide for my foster animal? In general, Foster Caregivers use their own resources for the daily care of their foster animal (e.g. they purchase food, and provide water and food bowls, a leash, collar, toys, a animal bed, and a crate/tote for transporting the animal to the veterinarian and our weekend adoption events. However, AbbraciamiAdottami will pay our Foster Caregivers a small fee per animal per day. AbbraciamiAdottami will also provide veterinary care for our foster animals, as long as the Foster Caregiver uses our approved veterinarians and obtains our written permission beforehand.

How long do animals stay in foster care? Sometimes, animals are adopted within a week or two of being in foster care. Other times, it can take several months to find the best home. We cannot predict exactly how long a animal will be in foster care.

How many animals can I foster? Generally, Foster Caregivers take one or two animals at a time.

How do I go about choosing a foster animal? Contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss our needs and expectations.

What if I want to take a vacation? Foster caregiving is a commitment and we expect our Foster caregivers to be reliable. Having said that, we are flexible. If you need to go away, notify us as soon as possible. Of course you can take the animal with you, but you need to give us notice so we don’t expect you at our weekend event.

Can I adopt my foster animal? You can always adopt. Sometimes it’s difficult to say goodbye to a foster animal, but its a good knowing that you helped saved its life. Now, you can help save another.

Click here for the Foster Home Application

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