When funding permits, we will purchase rural property to house our animals. This property will have enough outdoor space so the animals can enjoy their time outdoors and sufficient indoor space for caring for their sleeping needs. Our Board of Directors will determine when it will be necessary to hire personnel and these people will have a minimum salary set by the board of directors. Plus, volunteer caregivers will help take care of the dogs. We will have a veterinarian to assist us.

Once our rescue facility is active, we will also take in older animals or special-needs animals that cannot get adopted and they will spend the rest of their lives at the sanctuary in a peaceful situation.

Within our Sanctuary, we will create a separate space for a ‘Pet Hotel’ allowing pet owners to bring their dogs when they go on vacation. We understand that pet owners don’t know what to do with their pets when they go on vacation. It is difficult to leave your pet behind. But with us, pet owners can feel confident knowing that their pet will be safe and taken care of from a nurturing attentive staff. The ’Pet Hotel’ will be part of our property but will be in a separate area from where we will house our elderly dogs and special needs dogs. We will charge pet owners for this service. The proceeds collected from the ‘Pet Hotel’ will be used to help run the sanctuary.

Because of your help, we will have saved these animals and with your continuing support we will be able to save even more.

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to help us to meet our goals of building our sanctuary.

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