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We need committed volunteers to start our weekend adoptions!

Every SATURDAY between 11:00 and 16:00 we will be at a piazza in Rome and we will have 4-5 adoptable dogs with us, and we will assist people who are interested in adopting one of our animals into a permanent home.

All animals in our care will be tested for common diseases, assessed behaviorally, provided with necessary medical care, vaccinated, and sterilized (unless dangerous for an animal) before they are adopted into permanent homes. All animals attending the adoption event will be healthy. We will make every effort to get the animals into their permanent homes as quickly as possible so that we may save another 4-5 lives.

Because of our consistent weekend visibility, many animals that would otherwise go unnoticed in a kennel or shelter will be adopted into a loving family. This is good for the dog that is adopted, for the family that can be enriched by the presence of an animal, for the State which saves costs of maintaining abandoned animals, and for kennels and shelters to reduce overcrowding of animals.

The difference between our adoption concept and shelter “adoption events” is our visibility is consistent– and our assiduous presence in public squares, will help us to build a relationship of familiarity in which people will be able to get to know us and our animals, which will lead to adoptions.

This concept is proven effective in America and has a very high success rate of adoption: “I know. I was living in Los Angeles and went to buy groceries one Saturday morning and I saw some people and about 10 dogs on the grass of the nearby bank. I stopped to see what they were doing and learned that the dogs were up for adoption. Well…. I went home with 2 grocery bags and a 10-year-old dog! That morning I didn’t wake up knowing that I was going to adopt a dog but the visibility of seeing them gave me the chance to think about adoption. One of the volunteers came with me to my house and approved of my situation and my little Pomeranian spent the rest of her life with me,” recounts Lynne Maraschiello, president.

People who would never step foot into a kennel or shelter may adopt one of or animals. By limiting our adoptions to 4-5 animals at a time, we will take care to ensure that we do not exceed our humane capacity. Our goal this year is to place 50 animals in permanent homes.

We will begin our weekend adoptions in Piazza Adriana, at Castel Sant’Angelo, in Prati.

In the future, we will add other locations in Parioli, Circo Massimo in Aventino, and EUR, and hold weekend adoption events in these locations as well, with an additional 4-5 animals. Plus, we will expand into other cities.

Volunteers are always welcome to help out with our adoption events!

We must transport our dogs to our weekend events.

We also need to bring supplies, chairs, cages, blankets, water bowls and food. 

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world… indeed it is the only thing that ever has."