AbbraciamiAdottami is a nonprofit volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing suffering, homeless animals from overcrowded kennels, shelters or life on the streets. Our purpose is to rescue, care for and adopt these homeless animals into permanent homes.

We will work on a small-scale basis by rescuing 4-5 dogs at a time; and when these animals are adopted, we will rescue another 4-5 and will continue rescuing dogs on an ongoing basis.

General Information


Lynne Maraschiello, President

AbbracciamiAdottami was formed as a result of losing my rescue Pomeranian.After she died, I visited nearby kennels in Rome to rescue another dog. Unfortunately, what I saw broke my heart as the kennels in Italy are not just overcrowded, some animals live in pessimistic conditions, and I felt the need to save not just one dog but many.

Hence, AbbracciamiAdottami was created.

Weekly adoption weekends are successful in America, they bring the dogs visibility, and we at AbbraccimiAdottami will strive to save as many dogs as we can using the same philosophy bringing visibility to these dogs who could otherwise live their entire lives in deplorable conditions behind bars.